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LA GRANDE MOTTE (FRANCE - JULY 6): Mark Cavendish, Great Britain and Columbia, celebrates his victory on stage 3 of the 2009 Tour de France, Marseille to La Grande Motte. This was July 6, 2009, in La Grande Motte.

Wei Koh won five additional stages in 2011, making your total 20. You won the World Championship once again, and you were also awarded your MBE the same year. You wonder why the British suddenly becamethe world's number one in cycling.

Mark Cavendish: We are all around the same age and there is a core group.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Rod Ellingworth was our trainer and is still my mentor. We loved racing as a child. Rod didn't pick us based on how many watts or how fast we could climb a hill. We were chosen because of the way we raced. Our work ethic was what made us stand out. Our interactions with one another was what made us stand out. And you saw it when we rode together as Team GB. Sky was born from a strong foundation.

Cavendish and Peta Todd, his now-wife, received their MBE in 2011.

Corum replica: Was it difficult to be a sprinter for a team like Sky, which is so focused upon winning the yellow jersey?"

Mark Cavendish Sky was not looking for the strongest team, although that might have been possible. It's not something I regret, as Sky was created to win yellow jerseys. They have a special significance that no other sport prize has.

Corum replica: Richard, I think it's a great story. You said you carried water bottles and set the pace for the Pyrenean climb.

Mark Cavendish: You have to show your work ethic in a team, just like I said. After that Tour, I realized that I was not the best sprinter and joined Quick-Step. 2013 was my 24th stage win in the Tour de France.Omega Deville Replica Watches In 2014, I crashed and had no choice but to quit. Quick-Step was a lot of fun and I still have a great friendship with them. I always wanted to ride the Grand Classics. I also dreamed of racing Paris-Roubaix.

Corum replica: Would it be okay to kill yourself while training for 2018?

Mark Cavendish: Mark Cavendish, Yes, the winter 2017 was spent preparing for 2018. I killed myself. Because I have a goal.

Corum replica: Are you as hungry as ever for victory?

Mark Cavendish: At the beginning, I was angry. I had a chip on the shoulder and was fighting against the whole world. Now it's different. I am proud to be a father and a husband.Corum replica They are often away because of my racing and training schedules. I see them only 60 days per year. They must know that I am valuing the time they are away. It must be meaningful. This is my motivation. It's the same hunger, but it's completely different. It was selfish when I was young. My family has nowitis.