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I was immediately offered contracts but wanted to ride for Telekom. They said I was too young, but they offered a compromise. They offered to pay me, and I would live and ride in Germany for a smaller team [Team Sparkasse], a feeder team for T-Mobile (previously known as Telekom). I was successful, including two victories in the Tour de Berlin. In 2007, I became a professional and began to build friendships that will last a lifetime. Bernhard Eisel was one of my closest friends. Telekom employed him to be the sprinter, and he believed that I was worthy. He supported me in training camp when I beat him. He did that and I will never forget it.

Bernhard Eisel and Mark Cavendish share a moment together as Team Sky teammates before the start of a race

roger dubuis replica watches: How was riding at Telekom. Did you race with Erik Zabel?

Mark Cavendish: Yes. Zabel was always kind to me. I still have a strong relationship with Zabel. After turning pro, I started winning races immediately and wanted to see how my performance at the World Tour level.Replica Watches After winning two stages in Catalonia I wrote a letter of intent to Telekom's management. It was a crazy, opportunistic decision to make when I was 21. They asked me if I was a dreamer of winning the Tour de France. It will start in England this year with a time trial as well as a sprint. Let me do it. Either I will go and win, or I will realize the level is so far above me that I need to learn more.

They took me, and I quickly realized that I was far from my limits. There are three types of cycling: amateur, professional, and World Tour Cycling. The Tour de France is the last. There are many types of riders at any bike race. You have guys who are hurt, who don't want to go, and those who just want to try their first big race.Omega Deville Replica Watches The Tour has 200 of the best cyclists in the world, all in peak physical condition and all aware that their career will be determined by how they perform in the race. The Tour de France is worth eighty percent of any team's budget. My first Tour saw me crash on the first two stages. Axel Merckx, my guide on the climb up the Alps was there with me. I can still remember how the strain felt in my eyes. But I knew what I needed to do in winter to improve my situation.

2006, Mark Cavendish's first Tour de France, that's him with the pink helmet, not looking particularly composed (Image:

Wei Koh: What gives your resilience to overcome defeat?

Mark Cavendish: I can remember being in kindergarten. When I was just two years old, I organized running races that I would have to win. Everything I did in school required me to be the best.roger dubuis replica watches I had to be the best I could be. It wasn't always easy, and I had to find a way to improve so that I could win. If you put your mind to it, and work hard, anyone can accomplish anything.