Welcome to Victor Abarca's Website

Victor Abarca was the tenth of eleven children born to Jose & Maria Abarca. Victor grew up in a close-knit family on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the small fishing village of Barra de Navidad in the state of Jalisco.

This environment sparked the artistic vision in him, that would one day appear on canvas. You can see the impact his home had on his art through his depictions of palm trees, sunsets, the ocean, & the mountains all with very bold use of colors.

After traveling in the United States, Canada, & Central America, Victor attended the University of Guanajato in the Colonial State of Guanajato. Here, Victor learned the history of art and experimented with acrylic and pastels. Vincent Van Gogh and Monet left heavy impressions on his style.

Although Victor enjoyed acrylic, pastel and creating collages with recycled materials such as cigarettes and money, he was looking for something with a deeper and richer texture. In 1994, Victor discovered his own technique that is now his signature style. He found that colored wax, dipped directly into a flame and placed immediately on the canvas, made for a unique texture. From then on, the medium of all his paintings was wax.

Today he continues using wax as his main medium. Recently he has added sand to his diverse styles of painting. You can find Victor's paintings all over the world. He has clients in the United States, Mexico, Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia.